HP Tubing/Fittings/Valves: Tubing Straight 60K / 90K

Tubes, Not Coned and Threaded, Bulk, HP, .25, SST 316, 60K

Tubes, Not Coned and Threaded, Bulk, HP, .25, SST 316, 60K. These tubes are long enough that they have to be coiled in a 48" diameter coil to ship. KMT offers many options on coned and threaded tubing. Too many to list here. If you do not find what you are needing here, please call 800-826-9274 and speak to one of our KMT Genuine Parts Specialists.
    Pump Type
  • NeoLine
  • SL-IV 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-IV 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-IV 75hp - 200hp
  • SL-IV Plus 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-IV Plus 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-IV Plus 75hp - 200hp
  • SL-V 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-V 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-V 75hp - 200hp
  • SL-VI 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-VI 75hp - 200hp
  • TriLine
    Rated Pressure
  • 60 000 psi
This Item is not available to purchase online due to shipping requirements. Please contact customer service to order this item.

Engineering Title(s):

  • 72159444: TBE-HP,.25X.083X20FT,
  • 72159429: TBE-HP,.25X.083X25FT,