Topworks (Intensifier) Parts: Sealing Head Repair Parts

Retainer, Poppet, HP, .875 Plunger, 60K, KMT WATERJET PART

Retainer, Poppet, HP, .875 Plunger, 60K. Used on SL-IV Plus and some early versions of the SL-V units with .875 Plungers. KMT GENUINE PART
    Pump Type
  • SL-IV Plus 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-IV Plus 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-V 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-V 15hp - 60hp
    Rated Pressure
  • 60 000 psi

Engineering Title(s):

  • 05144670: RTNR-PPT,INL,SLIV+