Topworks (Intensifier) Parts: Sealing Head Repair Parts

Poppet, Inlet, HP, .875 Plunger, 60K

Poppet, Inlet, HP, .875 Plunger, 60K. Used on noted units running at greater than 55,000 PSI and utilizing the "washer" style poppet.
    Pump Type
  • SL-IV 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-IV 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-IV Plus 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-IV Plus 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-IV Plus 75hp - 200hp
    Rated Pressure
  • 60 000 psi

Engineering Title(s):

  • 05144662: PPT-INL,HP CHK VLV,

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