Topworks (Intensifier) Parts: Sealing Head Repair Parts

Kit, UHP Check Valve Repair, Inlet-Outlet, .875 Plunger, Ball Style, 90K

Kit, Check Valve Repair, Inlet-Outlet, UHP, .875 Plunger, Ball Style, 90K. Each 72110531 Check valve repair kit includes one each of the following parts: 05116561 Discharge Poppet, 05116751 Poppet Pin, 05147863 Compression Spring, 10085371 Ball, 20492131 Dowel Pin and 20494356 Discharge Seat.
    Pump Type
  • PRO I
    Rated Pressure
  • 90 000 psi

Engineering Title(s):

  • 72110531: SP PRTS KIT-UHP CHK VLV,

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