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Kit, Pneumatic Valve Repair, HP, NO, 60K, KMT Waterjet Part

Pneumatic Valve Repair Kit, Dump Valve, HP, NO, 60K-60,000psi Normally Open Pneumatic Valve Repair kit. Kit includes the O-Rings for the Normally open actuator, Valve Seat, Stainless Steel Back-Up Ring, Brass Back-Up Ring, Seal Assembly and Stem. KMT GENUINE PART
    Pump Type
  • NeoLine
  • SL-IV 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-IV 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-IV 75hp - 200hp
  • SL-IV Plus 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-IV Plus 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-IV Plus 75hp - 200hp
  • SL-V 100hp Dual Topworks
  • SL-V 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-V 75hp - 200hp
  • SL-VI 15hp - 60hp
  • SL-VI 75hp - 200hp
  • TriLine
    Rated Pressure
  • 60 000 psi

Engineering Title(s):

  • 05116017: KIT-REPAIR,PNEU VLV,NO

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