DELTA NXT Premium Focus Tube, Indexed, PRO Series, 3.00" Long, 90K, KMT WATERJET GENUINE PART

Specifically designed by SHAPE Technologies for abrasive waterjet cutting. Our engineers have created the perfect balance of performance and cost reduction. This PRO Series DELTA NXT Premium Indexed Focus tube is 3.00" Long. Please call KMT Genuine Parts at 800-826-9274 if you cannot find the focus tube you normally order.

Engineering Title(s):

  • 1000007-30-299: FOC TBE-.030X2.99,25D,
  • 1000007-40-299: FOC TBE-.040X2.99,25D,
  • 1000007-43-299: FOC TBE-.043X2.99,25D,